The Frame


At Flamingo, we believe that culture is essential to understanding your market, your opportunities and your future. Not only because it’s fascinating, but because it’s genuinely powerful. Culture is the landscape in which all of our behaviours, desires and attitudes live. But this landscape is changing rapidly, with disruption coming from multiple directions (and often all at once).

As culture cross-pollinates and intersects, traditional category boundaries are collapsing. Technology influences food; pop culture influences politics; the UX from a dating app can change the way we to talk to our bank.

Flamingo Futures has created The Frame to help brands and businesses navigate the rapidly-changing cultural landscape. The Frame is a quarterly cultural trends report that explores and explains trends with human truths at their heart; this ensures that they are usable, meaningful, flexible and, most importantly, relevant.

The Frame provides extensive analysis over 90 pages, exploring and explaining 15 trends across categories like values and relationships, home and lifestyle, media and communications, style and beauty, and retail, leisure, and experiences. It looks at how these trends are currently appearing within culture, the drivers behind them, and the opportunities they create for brands and businesses across the short and long term. The Frame also contains analysis by Flamingo’s Digital Forensics team, who have explored and presented publicly available data to illustrate the breadth and profile of some of the trends.

In the first issue, we’ve explored how (and why) crowdsourced storytelling is moving into mainstream media, what the growth of accessible veganism says about masculinity, attitudes towards money and environmental awareness, and how new physical experiences are offering an antidote to the ‘mindfulness’ approach to wellness. 

We’ve discussed the repositioning of menopause as an empowering life stage, what the growth of virtual spaces as places to socialise and trade virtual goods means for both people and brands, and how disruptor businesses are looking to integrate commerce with community in an attempt to bring together increasingly fractured societies. 

We’ve spoken to cultural experts and to the brands, businesses and people at the forefront of these movements to understand what larger forces are driving them, and to help inform our view of what these indicators of change say about society more broadly (a full list of contributors can be found at the back of the report). 

Most importantly, we’ve outlined what each trend says about the way culture is shifting, and how brands and businesses should look to harness this change. 

Welcome to The Frame. You can download a free taster version or purchase the first full report below. To subscribe to a full year of reports for £1,438.50 (you’ll receive four reports for the price of three), please contact