The Frame


At Flamingo, we believe that culture is essential to understanding your business, your opportunities and your future, not only because it’s fascinating, but because it’s genuinely useful. Culture is the resource we mine and the framework we use to build insightful, inspiring and impactful guidance for our clients and partners. 

The Frame explores and explains cultural innovations with human truths at their heart, ensuring that they are usable, meaningful, flexible and relevant. We have evolved The Frame since its first edition. In the latest edition, where we explore 10 cultural innovations across five categories: Health, Media, Style, Life, and Experience), we have added a focus on ‘cultural innovations’. We believe this clarifies the weight of the change we’re describing and strengthens the link to the people driving it. More than flash-in-the-pan fads, we define cultural innovation as the creation of new needs, values or norms, shared by a group or community in response to change. We’ve also brought the voice of the people driving this change to the fore through longer interviews with cultural innovators.

Here are videos of just two of the people we have interviewed for the latest issue of The Frame: Sthembiso Mchunu, founder of South African streetwear label Watermelon Social Club (who features in our exploration of the Hyper-local Streetwear innovation), and Italian eating experience designer Giulia Soldati (who is part of a cultural innovation that we’re calling Sensational Gastronomy).

At Flamingo we don’t just write about trends; we use them to help our clients make change. 

This means that The Frame is not just a report; it’s a framework of thinking. One that Flamingo will continue to use to underpin its strategic insight work and one we hope will continue to offer you advantage, opportunity and will fuel innovation.

You can download a free taster version of the latest report below. If you’re interested in purchasing the full report (individual reports cost from £479.50 and annual subscriptions — where you receive four full reports for the cost of three — cost from £1,500) please fill in this form.