People Insight

There’s a lot of noise about what an insight actually is. For us, insights are useful truths about people and the world we live in.


For us, people insight is about finding human truths that have strategic implications for our clients’ brands and businesses.

To do that, we spend time with people in all kinds of contexts. We observe, chat, probe, hang out, or ask them to capture their lives in real time.

We apply the principles of social anthropology, behavioural psychology and plain common sense to our understanding of what people’s attitudes, words and actions mean.

We help our clients understand, predict and create change; we help them to create new brands and new brand experiences; we also help to rejuvenate classic brands.

We think it's important to bring our work vividly to life – whether through a film, a book, an insight exhibition or an immersive theatre production – to ensure our findings can be intuitively felt and understood.