Flamingo launches The Frame

On 7th March, Flamingo launched the first issue of its new quarterly trends report, The Frame, with a breakfast event at the Barbican’s Conservatory.

During the event, Flamingo’s Futures team discussed emerging cultural trends spanning numerous categories. With a focus on providing specific insight in to how businesses can adapt to cultural shifts, they drew attention to key technological, social and political factors and explained their impact; describing how current and future consumer climates are driving new motivations and expectations.


“Increasingly primal and expressive forms of stress management are entering the health and wellness space”

Flamingo Futures

Futures also evaluated business trailblazers, looking at companies with innovative product, segmentation or communication strategies. They outlined how these businesses had appealed to new consumer needs and how barriers to purchase had been overcome, extracting key lessons for future success.

For the second part of the launch, Flamingo’s Head of Futures Susie Hogarth was joined by Jessica Graves, founder of Sefleuria (and expert in data science for fashion), blockchain technologist Robert Learney and visual artist Becky Warnock. These industry experts formed a panel, giving specialist insight into the changing relationship between consumers and businesses.


“If we could find a way to produce less but still offer choice, we could solve so many sustainability issues”

Jessica Graves

The Frame is a quarterly trends report that explores and explains trends with human truths at their heart; this ensures that they are usable, meaningful, flexible and, most importantly, relevant for our clients. The trends explored span a range of categories and topics; from Values & Relationships to Home & Lifestyle, Media & Communication, Style & Beauty and Retail, Leisure & Experiences.

But we don’t just write about trends, we use them. We cut them up and strip out the useful parts. We identify the opportunities within them for you and your business. The Frame is not just a report; it’s a framework of thinking. One that Flamingo Futures will use to underpin our insight and consultancy work going forwards.

Learn more about The Frame and download a free taster report here.

Milly Liechti