Flamingo work wins two media research awards


Flamingo is delighted to have contributed to two separate award-winning pieces of work at this year’s Mediatel Media Research Awards. 

The BBC World Service won the Best International Media Research Project award for its Attribution study, which was carried out in collaboration with Flamingo and its quantitative research partner, Tapestry.

The Attribution study was prompted by anecdotal evidence that audiences were not always recognising/ crediting the BBC World Service for content that had been accessed through its syndication partners on radio, TV, digital and Facebook. The research explored the scale of the problem and the reasons behind it, and delivered both strategic and pragmatic recommendations for addressing the issue. 

“As complexity builds in the media landscape the ability to give credit where it is due can be challenging, but more important than ever,” said Kristin Bayliss, global account measurement lead at Facebook, and one of the judges of the awards.

“The BBC World Service entry pushes further towards an understanding of how credit is attributed to the BBC brand as a provider and creator in a world of social media sharing, with results already reflected in changes to BBC branding that speak to the value of insights generated.”

Santanu Chakrabarti, Head of Audience Insight at BBC World Service said: “Flamingo is one of our most valued partners because of the quality of their thinking. They are as interested as we are in understanding audiences, not just as consumers of particular categories, but as full human beings shaped by and shaping their socio-cultural contexts. 

“This makes Flamingo’s work in general, and their work on Attribution in particular, extremely rich and nuanced; and even more importantly it makes their work very useful in helping us address better the most complex of problems, such as the problem of receiving due credit which the Attribution project tackled.”

Meanwhile Newsworks, the marketing body for national newspapers, won the Excellence in Research Presentation category for its work with Flamingo and Tapestry on Getting closer to the British public. This project explored – via a nationally-representative online survey and a number of days spent getting under the skin of two very different British communities -- what unites and divides modern British society. The research led to the production of a media planners’ toolkit that Newsworks distributed to planners, strategists and insight professionals across its client organisations. 

Flamingo also made a film to document the findings from the research, and showed it at an event that invited media planners to meet the respondents from the research. This gave them the unique opportunity to talk with them further about media representation, division and unity in Great Britain.  

"Flamingo were a fantastic research partner, they really understood our challenges and the project was a great collaborative process, said Denise Turner, Insight Director at Newsworks. 

“They thought laterally about how to answer the brief, and they carried out a clear analysis of the demographic and cultural makeup of the towns that were potentials for the research. 

"They had in mind from the start what the outcomes might be, and as such really distilled the story into clear insights without losing any of the richness of the research. Their approach led us to look at our onward activation of the outputs in a very different way, launching the research at an interactive event, inviting back some of the research participants to talk to the planners whose job it is to design media strategies for these people. 

"We are absolutely delighted with the outcomes from the project."

The Mediatel Media Research awards invite research agencies, industry bodies, media agencies and owners to enter categories that span innovation in survey design, creativity in data communication, insight and research effectiveness.

AwardsBen WenerMedia, UK