Flamingo and DDB present Uncertainty research at Cannes Lions

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Desirée Lopez, CEO of Flamingo and Steve Griffiths, CDO of DDB hosted a session on Turning Uncertainty into Advantage at the Cannes Lions Meet ups.

Against a backdrop of major political and social change, our research with DDB revealed that increased knowledge and access to information and news is actually driving a feeling of uncertainty rather than building reassurance.

The research explored the characteristics of trust erosion and forecast anxiety, and uncovered a range of perspectives on how businesses and people have dealt with different types of uncertainty and navigated through times of change and crisis.

The Cannes Lions Meet ups are curated networking sessions themed around interest areas, held in the VIP area of the Terrace in Palais II during the Festival. They are hosted by hand-picked industry experts and are intended to facilitate conversations, generate ideas, and help make lasting connections.

Click here for a sneak preview of the research

Milly Liechti