Digital Forensics


Identifying patterns of current and emerging behaviours through deep investigation of online content, analytics and predictive modelling



At its heart, Digital Forensics is about getting closer to the truth of how brands and humans interact.

The content people create, consume and search for online has made the internet the world’s largest repository of self-ethnographic data. We process publicly available data from sources including social media and census data – as well as organisational data, client data and data from digital personal devices – to gain a true understanding of the behaviours and attitudes of today.

We are methodology agnostic; we choose the right combination of neural networks, artificial intelligence and human expertise to explore and process data into insightful, meaningful interactive models.

We use linguistic modelling to understand large volumes of conversation and get to the heart of what is trending within a space. We use digital tracking to enhance traditional qualitative research projects by offering a picture of real, not just reported behaviour. We use image recognition models to understand the driving forces behind social media posts.

We then use cutting-edge visualisation and interactive platforms to bring all of that data to life – to create a connection to information that would otherwise be abstract and cold – and make it accessible to our expert colleagues across other Flamingo specialisms, who interpret it and place it in a cultural context.

The Digital Forensics team was awarded the 2015 MRS Award for Cultural Insight for its capacity to “understand context and the nature of influence”, and was nominated for the 2016 MRS Social Media Award.