Co-creating cereal pack design - in three days - with Cereal Partners Worldwide


Cereal Partners Worldwide had developed a truly innovative breakfast product; quantitative and qualitative research showed the uniqueness and appeal of the new product among parents and kids. However, there was still an opportunity to improve product understanding at the first moment of truth; this was an issue that packaging design would need to address.

With just a few weeks until the pack design brief needed to be finalised, Flamingo carried out a series of co-creation workshops, over the course of three days, with the client, their agencies, and consumers. An illustrator was live sketching packs throughout, in order to reflect consumers’ input. This iterative approach allowed Flamingo to deliver a clear set of strategic and executional principles within three days. An interim workshop with Flamingo’s semiotics team helped the client decode consumers’ input and prioritise key messages on the pack. 

Starting from a blank sheet of paper and a few assumptions, Flamingo delivered an example of pack design that met the strategic intent of the team, while also being appealing and intuitive for shoppers. The speed and quality of results were only possible through strong partnership with the client and engagement from all stakeholders.

“Due to several mitigating factors, our team had to make several last minute decisions that significantly impacted the project setup. I appreciated Flamingo’s agility in working through these changes,” Insight manager, Innovation at Cereal Partners Worldwide.