Exploring attribution with BBC World Service

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BBC World Service reaches 269m people a week; but as consumer choice around the world has exploded, the service has had to reach consumers through syndication partners on radio, TV, digital, and social media.

Prior research, as well as anecdotal evidence,  had suggested that audiences might not be recognising content shared via these other channels as having been created by the BBC.

The BBC World Service therefore needed to explore how to improve attribution. Flamingo developed a multi-phased approach to do just that, including an insight review of the literature to date; expert interviews with leading thinkers; consumer media diaries; and in-home interviews in the UK, Germany, Mexico, Kenya and India. This was followed by an innovative quantitative survey designed and managed by Flamingo's quant partner Tapestry.

The work won the Best International Media Research Project Award at the 2018 Mediatel Media Research Awards.

“Flamingo is one of our most valued partners because of the quality of their thinking. They are as interested as we are in understanding audiences, not just as consumers of particular categories, but as full human beings shaped by and shaping their socio-cultural contexts.

“This makes Flamingo’s work in general, and their work on Attribution in particular, extremely rich and nuanced; and even more importantly it makes their work very useful in helping us address better the most complex of problems, such as the problem of receiving due credit, which the Attribution project tackled.”

Santanu Chakrabarti, Head of Audience Insight at BBC World Service

Ben Wener