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Image: Newsworks

Image: Newsworks

How do you plan media in an era where disruption reigns, predictions are unreliable and the country is split into groups of people that apparently loathe each other?

Newsworks set Flamingo a challenging brief: to conduct detailed research into what divides us and what unites us as members of society.

We partnered with Tapestry to carry out a nationally representative online survey among 1,000 GB adults, then to really get under the skin of the results, we spent several days in two very different communities – Thurrock in Essex (the third highest leave-voting constituency in the UK) and Aberystwyth in Ceredigion, West Wales (Ceredigion was one of only a handful of Welsh constituencies to vote remain).

We qualitatively examined the divisions in society and explored what unites us, with sometimes surprising results. Using our insight, Newsworks was also able to create a media planners toolkit, which included a white paper that was distributed to inform around 750 planners, strategists and insight professionals at its client organisations, including their stakeholders across dmg media, ESI Media, Guardian News & Media, Johnston Press, News UK, Telegraph Media Group and Trinity Mirror.

This work won the award for Excellence in Research Presentation at the 2018 Mediatel Media Research Awards.

"Flamingo were a fantastic research partner, they really understood our challenges and the project was a great collaborative process. They thought laterally about how to answer the brief, and they carried out a clear analysis of the demographic and cultural makeup of the towns that were potentials for the research. 
"They had in mind from the start what the outcomes might be, and as such really distilled the story into clear insights without losing any of the richness of the research. Their approach led us to look at our onward activation of the outputs in a very different way, launching the research at an interactive event, inviting back some of the research participants to talk to the planners whose job it is to design media strategies for these people. 
"We are absolutely delighted with the outcomes from the project."
Denise Turner, Insight Director, Newsworks
Ben Wener