Helping McDonald’s to reposition its emotional equity with consumers

McDonald’s partnered with Flamingo to inform its new global positioning; the role of Digital Forensics was to unlock the emotional equity the brand distinctively owns to help inspire the overall positioning. The Digital Forensics team immersed in consumer sharing (from Instagram posts, to memes and popular YouTube unboxing videos) from McDonald’s and key competitors in the US, China, Brazil, UK and France.

Through the cultural and contextual interpretation of patterns in emotive language, imagery and moments consumers shared on social media, Flamingo identified the six most distinctive spaces of emotional equity McDonald's owns or could own. These emotional pillars were a key part in shaping the final global positioning recommendation.

“The Digital Forensics layered depth and detail of nuance that we would otherwise have missed. Having a qualitative read on how our consumers engaged with/about the brand in their personal social channels was exceptionally illuminating and not something proposed by any of the other research companies we approached about the project.”
Emma Cookson, Global Research Lead at McDonald's
Milly Liechti