Shaping the future with IKEA

future pexels.jpg

IKEA’s new business and innovation team knew that attitudes to protection and security, health and wellbeing and socialising would have an effect on the business in the near future.

Recognising that IKEA is one of only a few influential brands with a legitimate right to shape the future, Flamingo encouraged the business to take an active role in doing so.  The team worked alongside IKEA to have a point of view on the future that it wanted to help build.

A set of intensive workshops alongside innovation agency ViaDynamics and IKEA’s product teams helped provoke creative thinking and develop new concepts.

This resulted in the creation of a set of future tensions, imagined future scenarios and possible future customer typologies that could affect IKEA’s business. 

The work has fed directly into IKEA's new product and service pipeline.

Ben Wener