Revealing the hidden drivers of overeating for Weightwatchers

  • Weight Watchers asked us to change the cultural conversation about over-eating through the public relations campaign for their new weight loss plan.

    We discovered six hidden drivers that break down our defences and lead to over-eating, which helped shape the new campaign strategy.

    The campaign achieved the brand’s best ever PR results, with editorial reach growing by 500 percent over 2012, the previous most successful year for PR. We were invited by the UK Department of Health to brief their marketing team on our strategy and approach.

  • When we briefed the team at Flamingo Cultural Futures to paint a landscape of emerging trends and influences on obesity we had no concept of the power and applicability their output would give us, not just for our UK teams and the PR programme that initiated the brief, but as an international landscape in which to consider our future innovation efforts.

    Melanie Stubbing,
    President, Weight Watchers Europe