Demystifying India's new luxury consumers for Diageo

  • Diageo asked us to help understand the changing nature of luxury aspiration and luxury influence in India today

    We conducted an exhaustive exploration of the new luxury aspirer and helped map the key shifts in the nature of luxury in India. We built on the learnings from these consumer immersions with expert and practitioner interviews to provide specific pointers on the new influencers of luxury and the changing modes of their influence

    Our inputs and learnings are providing market-specific direction and texture for Diageo India’s luxury portfolio as it seeks to build better cultural connections with a growing luxury audience

  • In India, it has been a long and fruitful partnership with Flamingo. Specifically on this brief, Flamingo demystified the complex world of luxury which set our luxury thinking and strategy in motion. Flamingo’s ability to deep dive, bring in the cultural nuances of the market place, arrive at sharp penetrative insights and provide direction is clearly their strength

    Shilpa Khandelwal : Lead Consumer Planning – Luxury
    Diageo USL