Discovering world food for Marks & Spencer

  • To see the business maintain and build on its authority in prepared food, Marks & Spencer (M&S) asked us to work with them on their next big initiative

    We created a need-states map that identified 'discovery' as the space with the strongest cultural traction and best brand fit. From there, we helped develop and explore a range of innovation ideas that met this need

    M&S went on to launch TASTE, a business now worth £20m in sales in the UK. The launch helped to drive positive perceptions of the ‘new and different’ for M&S. Flamingo subsequently contributed to development of the second phase of the range, with more cuisines soon to launch

  • Flamingo worked with us as a valued partner to help develop a range that really tapped into an unmet customer need. Taste is now a huge asset for us and something we continue to invest in and develop, with Flamingo’s help. The brand has really resonated with customers, allowing them to experiment with food in a stress-free way at home and has helped to cement M&S’s leadership position in prepared meals

    Marissia Tuffnell, Senior Consultant, Customer Insight Unit