Debating the role of brands in urban intervention

  • To celebrate our launch in Brazil, we hosted an event entitled (E)MERGING CITY at Matilha Cultural in São Paulo’s historic Centro district

    The evening was headlined by artist and urban interventionist Eduardo Srur, who gave a powerful presentation on the theme of artistic urban interventions and the culture surrounding emergent urbanism in São Paulo and across modern Brazil

    This was followed by a panel discussion, where entrepreneurs Anna Lívia Arida and Bruno Aracaty enlightened us on cutting edge digital platform interventions in the urban space

    We also produced a mini-documentary with DJ/Artist Paulo Tessuto, a.k.a Carlos Capslock, sharing his point of view across a range of topics from artistic inspiration to urban intervention. The film was shot on-site at the dried up Cantareira reservoir outside São Paulo, which has been at the centre of much discussion during the recent water crisis