Connecting Adidas Originals with its core audience

  • We were asked us to identify and understand who the adidas Originals wearer is to help the brand position itself at the cutting-edge of streetwear

    We talked to fashion experts, ran the numbers on quantitative data, and joined streetwear fans in their daily lives to get a truly holistic view of what drives them in a very diverse range of markets, from the United States to Korea

    We then developed rich and immersive tools to support the business’s strategy to 2020

  • This project is a tremendous help in continuing our adidas success story – it connects us to our core audience in a way that is both insightful and easy to action against. And it is an example of the quality of our relationship with Flamingo in general. They consistently deliver what we consider to be great work – an in depth understanding of our category and the dedication to keep learning about it, an ability to turn good findings into great insights and the skills to execute complex, global projects to a high quality whilst doing it against very aggressive timelines

    Philip Hambach,
    Director Global Consumer Insight & Strategy, adidas