Investigating emerging beauty brand’s online equity for Estée Lauder Companies

  • "Digital Forensics at Flamingo is a great practice to get a deeper understanding of a brand's equity and presence on social/digital. Our teams are very impressed with the learnings we are getting from it, as it’s opening our eyes to what drives successful engagement on social / digital. Unlike other similar practices out there, you get a much deeper understanding of not only the ‘what's and ‘how's but also the ‘why's behind consumer and brand engagement. Of course there is the super intelligent Flamingo team and their expertise is the cherry on top. I would not recommend it to others as I don't want our competitors to discover what a great insights DF gets to! A Fantastic practice at Flamingo!"

    Ozlem Robiliard. Executive Director, Consumer Insights. Corporate/ADF/Men's Group/ELCV The Estée Lauder Companies

  • Flamingo Digital Forensics are a strong strategic partner of Estée Lauder Companies globally and in the last 12 months we have analysed a variety of beauty and skincare brands, across the US, France, Germany, Spain, China, Korea and Greece using proprietary brand equity modeling.

    Our Consumer Cohesion Model and Brand Experience Model strategically assess brands across the most important dimensions for growth including brand buzz, love, occasions and product portfolio.

    These models signify the strength of a brand’s health online and can be used to compare different brand’s strengths and weaknesses. Such has been the success of the output, Flamingo are now part of ELC’s due diligence process for merger and acquisition projects.

  • "The Digital Forensics piece is super interesting and I like the findings much more than the other research we’ve conducted in this space. You will hear a lot from us on Digital Forensics in the Future ”

    Katherine Pazakis, Global Head of New Business Development & Corporate Innovation Strategy, EL