Digital Forensics

Identifying patterns of current and emerging behaviours through deep investigation of online content

  • The content people create, consume and search for online has made the Internet the world’s largest repository of self-ethnographic data on behaviours and attitudes of today, which shape the culture of tomorrow

    Online, every contact leaves a trace. Digital Forensics is the specialism that connects the dots of both very small human traces of behaviour (such as an individual image on Instagram, the choice of an emoji, or a single hashtag), with
    very macro data traces (such as shifts in search behaviours on Google or Baidu). By coupling deeply ethnographic approaches with rigorous data science techniques across platforms, networks and markets, we’re able to clearly spot emerging signals from the noise

    We believe that it is people, not machines, who ultimately realise the potential of online content – and so our cultural and category experts interpret consumer sharing and the relevant macro data together to deliver strategy. This ensures that our insights and implications are always delivered at scale, with profound human truths at their core

    The Digital Forensics team was awarded the 2015 MRS Award for Cultural Insight for its capacity to “understand context and the nature of influence”, and is nominated for the 2016 MRS Social Media Award

    Our Digital Forensics team also lead Pulse, a series of weekly articles exploring online culture across the world

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