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It’s 07:00 in and we're talking to to property managers and owners about their relationship with online travel agents
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It’s 10:00 in and we are in Bogotá visiting people in their homes to understand how falling sick with cold and flu impacts their lives
    It’s 13:00 in and we're examining women's attitudes towards skincare
      It’s 18:00 in and we're decoding selfie culture
        It’s 06:00 in and we're exploring the role of VR on mobile phones
          It’s 16:00 in and we’re in Milan exploring feelings about pasta made with non-traditional types of flour
            04 / 05 / 12

            Welcoming Sasha, Frank & The New Sofa!

            • This week we have 3 new additions to the Flamingo flock.

              Sasha has joined us from the London office for a month. She’s half Indonesian and speaks fluent Bahasa and so she’ll be getting involved with several Indonesian projects, among other things during her stay.

              She’s pictured here with Frank, the Flamingo. He made it to Singapore this week all the way from Sussex in the UK. The Singaporean authorities originally had their concerns, but as soon as he convinced them that he was a company mascot and not a drugs mule he was welcomed with open arms.

              The sofa, that’s new too and just one part of our evolving office refurb.

              Welcome Sasha, Frank & the new sofa, it’s great to have you all.