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It’s 19:00 in and we're talking to to property managers and owners about their relationship with online travel agents
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          It’s 10:00 in and we’re in Milan exploring feelings about pasta made with non-traditional types of flour
            20 / 05 / 10

            Update: Uniqlo Getting The Basics Right

            • A few weeks ago, we wrote a quick post about Uniqlo. If any further proof of their success is required, check out the huge queue outside the opening of the new Shanghai flagship store.

              At about 3 p.m. last Saturday. It took me 3 mins 50 secs to walk the length of the queue. The number of people is not the only amazing thing here – it’s impressive how ordered they managed to keep it. Perhaps they learnt some lessons from other openings around the world? Anyone remember the Primark Flagship store opening in London a few years ago? That was literally a riot.