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            25 / 08 / 10

            Transport Solution: Straddling Bus

            • China is developing innovative transportation solutions for the future.

              In high-speed trains, China has developed its own technology which is significantly faster than competitors in Germany, France and Japan. That network, based around major cities connects with older track and slower trains to provide a robust rail infrastructure. See this map for proposed rail development which makes other countries development look slow and cumbersome (read UK and USA).

              A left-field but fascinating transport proposition which recently caught our attention is the ‘straddling bus’ – a ginormous bus that operates like a train on wheels, using specially developed lanes as rails – saving precious road space. At 18ft tall -the bus drives over cars but still fits below underpasses. Over 300 passengers can fit on each bus, and its manufacturers suggest it’s environmentally efficient too.

              According to its manufacturer, Shenzhen Hashi Future Parking Equipment Company, partly solar powered electric motors help run the bus, which are purported to help reduce fuel use by 860 tons per year, bringing carbon emissions down by 2,640 tons.

              It is expected to be put into use in Beijing’s Menougou District in the “near future”, although a specific time frame is not known. More information is available in articles here and here.