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It’s 13:00 in and we're talking to to property managers and owners about their relationship with online travel agents
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It’s 09:00 in and we are in Bogotá visiting people in their homes to understand how falling sick with cold and flu impacts their lives
    It’s 10:00 in and we're examining women's attitudes towards skincare
      It’s 06:00 in and we're decoding selfie culture
        It’s 14:00 in and we're exploring the role of VR on mobile phones
          It’s 20:00 in and we’re in Milan exploring feelings about pasta made with non-traditional types of flour
            04 / 03 / 15

            The Second Edition Of Our Semiotic Snackbox Series

            • Flamingo’s ‘Semiotic Snackbox’ series are a collection of short pieces on a particular theme, designed to offer some interesting new thinking on familiar brands, an introduction to Flamingo Semiotics and some broader inspiration and amusement.

              The theme we’ve chosen for the second issue – perhaps influenced by the time of year – is ‘the dark’. There’s a rich cultural history around darkness, from Plato’s cave to chiaroscuro to Twilight, with a huge range of associations – not least the semiotic classics of sex and death. We felt this range of spaces made ‘the dark’ an ideal candidate for a Snackbox, particularly with this issue being the first to include thinking from offices across the Flamingo group.

            • As a taster, articles inside include thoughts on how the narratives of dark chocolate are changing; why we find video games’ moral darkness so disturbing and so compelling; how one Las Vegas hotel leveraged darkness to combat recession; and why brands need to be careful with darkness in Brazil, amongst others.

                               CLICK HERE TO READ SEMIOTIC SNACKBOX: ISSUE 2: THE DARK

              As always, we hope you enjoy; and please feel free to get in touch if you’d like to find out more about any of the articles or about our unique Semiotics practice at: semiotics@flamingogroup.com

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