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                              30 / 06 / 10

                              The Flipper Bridge Hong Kong

                              • We’re really into this concept for the long named ‘Hong Kong Boundary Facilities Crossing International Ideas Competition’ from NL Architects.

                                The competition hopes to make a landmark to reflect ‘Hong Kong as a vibrant global and metropolitan city.’

                                NL Architects proposition aims to move the project from the ‘ingenious to the sublime’ and their submission looks to create both a simple and meaningful organisation of space. Indeed, it’s a neat idea that’s both simple and beautiful in form and function.

                              • Taking account of China having traffic on the right and Hong Kong on the left, they propose a rope and knot switch to create a spectacle rooted in pragmatism but which creates a visual landmark.

                              • The result is ‘The Flipper’ which celebrates the traffic switch and creates a visual emblem – they go on to suggest an archipelago of islands on the border of HK and China, ‘The Lucky Charm bracelet.’

                                It’s very cool, we hope they manage to get it built. Check out the full presentation on their website here

                              • Thanks to Kottke.org for the original link