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            25 / 07 / 16

            The dark descent — an accidental journey into the unmapped World Wide Web

            • The dive from the surface web to the dark web is a journey into unfamiliar territory of disturbing places. Flamingo Director of Social Purpose, Rosa Bransky spoke to NPR’s Innovation Hub following her recent talk at the UN Social Good Summit.

              Last year, Flamingo were commissioned to understand the role and ubiquity of pornography in American life. During this research project Rosa started tracking the internet habits of men which took her into the unchartered depths of the deep and dark web.

              In this interview Rosa talks about the part of the Internet that you can’t get to from Google, unmapped and difficult to find — Rosa explains how a user would need specific hyperlinks or directions that can take you beneath the surface.

              She states that the dark web hides the worst part of the internet and stresses that we should aim to educate young people about the damaging content that lives under the surface of the Internet.

              Listen to the full podcast, broadcast on over 50 national public radio stations across the US, here:

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