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            26 / 05 / 16

            Flamingo Singapore hosts next Culture Breakfast June 9

            • Singaporeans have often been criticised for being apathetic, but in 2016 many young people see themselves as key change agents within society. However, driving social purpose and action has unique challenges in Singapore.

              At this critical juncture in Singapore’s history there is a huge opportunity for brands to play an important role in this social change. So what does it take for brands to embed social purpose in what they do to effectively drive participation and collective action among the nation’s youth?

              Join us at The Working Capitol at 8am on June 9 for a light breakfast and a lively discussion on what’s next for Singapore now the SG50 party is over.

              Tong Yee

              Co-founder and director of one of Singapore's more prominent social enterprises, The Thought Collective, Tong Yee is a champion for youth empowerment and is committed to youth emerging as leaders in their society. A strong practitioner in the fields of social innovation, narrative therapy, experience design and civic education, he is highly sought after as an inspirational and insightful speaker and trainer. Some of his current endeavours include prototyping a sustainable urban poverty programme, designing educational experiences through trail innovation, and initiating compelling social movements as part of his dedication to growing a more resilient and responsive society. In his commitment to stay relevant, he also sits on a number of national committees: member of the National Youth Council, the ACCORD Council, The Media Literacy council and the Advisory Committee for Youth Corps Singapore.

              Jean Qingwen Loo

              Jean runs Logue, a content creation studio that builds social dialogue through community art, documentary film and photography. Our labours of love include SUPERHERO ME, a ground-up arts movement to empower children from less privileged and special-needs communities and AND SO THEY SAY, an SG50-celebration fund project that celebrates the life philosophies of the pioneer generation.

              • Article by Jane Nathans