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            05 / 09 / 16

            Odaiba’s ‘DMM Planets’ exhibition pushes the limits of art with technology

            • Wander through the Crystal Universe

            • This summer, the DMM Planets exhibition in Odaiba is pushing art into a whole new dimension through their technology. It is a collaboration between three units: DMM, a company specializing in e-commerce and digital streaming services; teamLab, a collective of “ultra-technologists” whose goal is “to blur the boundaries of art, science, technology and creativity,” and the Fuji Television Network.

              The art exhibition is comprised of four spaces, each providing a distinctive look, feel and way of interacting with visitors.

              For example, in “Wander through the Crystal Universe,” the lights in the space change colors according to each visitor’s movement while in “Floating in the Falling Universe of Flowers,” visitors can use their smartphones to release CG butterflies into the “flower universe” around them.

              Furthermore, to create a truly immersive experience, Team Lab has decided to make a unique smell for each room. For instance, they were able to create a scent of the universe for “Wander through the Crystal Universe” from the help of an astronaut, Naoko Yamazaki.

              Through this exhibition, TeamLab redefined the leisure of art from what used to be a one-on-one relationship with the viewer, into a collective experience with multiple people observing and creating. The art here is only created with the existence of others - the more people there are the more dynamic the artwork becomes.

              In an overpopulated city like Tokyo where residents tend to avoid interacting with strangers at all costs, DMM Planets provides a new form of immersive entertainment that gives us a slightly different and positive perspective on seeing others this summer.

              The exhibition runs until 31 August 2016 in Odaiba.

              http://exhibition.team-lab.net/dmmplanets2016/ (JP)

              http://exhibition.team-lab.net/dmmplanets2016/en/ (EN)

              • Article by Eriko Kaneko