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            14 / 12 / 16

            “Pulse” magazine reviews 2016 in online culture

            • The Digital Forensics team at Flamingo have just published their inaugural Pulse magazine, a review of online culture in 2016. Pulse looks back at the most important online trends and behaviours that shaped culture this year.

              Social media reflects and affects our deepest human desires. It has become a crucial place to analyse if we are to truly understand the 21st century human story. No other year has highlighted this better than 2016, when social media played a critical role in everything from Brexit to South Korean President Park Geun-hye's impeachment.

              As in politics, social media has huge implications for brand strategy. And it is a place, another world. Like our own Planet Earth it is also made up of different countries (i.e. platforms), each with their own culture, customs and language that need to be carefully mapped if we are to truly understand contemporary culture and the implications for the future of brands.

              For a copy of Pulse, contact our Digital Forensics team here.

              • Article by Lee Fordham and Marguerite Vernes