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            28 / 06 / 16

            Flamingo launches the Brexit Brand Barometer, tracking consumer attitudes across Europe

            • What do these turbulent times mean for your brand?

              As the reality of Brexit sinks in, one thing is clear: the impact on people and their relationships with brands is changing as quickly and fundamentally as the British political landscape.

              To help keep abreast of the changing situation, Flamingo is launching the Brexit Brand Barometer — a series of reports and films spanning six European markets tracking consumer attitudes across Europe.

              We’ll use a range of techniques including qualitative research, Semiotics and Digital Forensics to explore questions such as:

              • How confident do consumers feel to spend?
              • What are they planning to buy?
              • How are their brand perceptions shifting?
              • What imagery and language is more or less appealing today and for whom?
              • What new needs are emerging that brands can meet?

              Our first report will be released in the week commencing July 11 and access to the series will cost £3,000.

              To register your interest and find out more please get in touch

              Image source: Reuters