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            05 / 08 / 14

            Hive Mind Magazine — Body, Flesh, Sensuality: Towards a New Language of Pleasure

            • We’re excited to share with you our latest issue of the Hive Mind Magazine: Body, Flesh, Sensuality: Towards a New Language of Pleasure.

              In this issue we’re exploring the sensual revolution: To journey through to the body’s pleasure centres and address the gap between our over active minds, and under active bodies. It’s about celebrating the human form in its miraculous complexity, and using it to experience the world in new and sensational ways. We learn how we are harking back to historical times when there was a more body-based understanding of the world and giving it a modern twist through science and experimentation.

              We believe brands are stuck in an old paradigm of pleasure, where pleasure is trivial, incidental, and superficial. So through the examples in this issue and some provocations, we challenge brands to dive deep, where pleasure is wild and untamed, uncontrollable and exciting.

              We launched the magazine at a recent salon event in London, alongside a fantastic discussion with some great expert panelists including, Sam Bompas, founder of Bompas and Parr, Andy Gibson, founder of Mindapples and Fay Bound Alberti, founder of The Centre of the History of the Emotions, Queen Mary.

              These panellists were just three of the many experts that we tapped into to create the magazine, which includes scientists, academics, sensory event creators and commentators.