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It’s 11:00 in and we’re contrasting 2017’s upbeat Chinese New Year ads with the prior focus on bitter family relationships
    It’s 12:00 in and we’re discussing the evolution of the city’s malls and how that changing environment reflects the changing socio-cultural context
      It’s 14:00 in and we’re talking to sake evangelist and educator John Gauntner about the global interest in sake culture and the future of the drink
        It’s 08:00 in and we’re decoding the future of beauty in South Asia
          It’s 14:00 in and we’re talking about why Miami music mogul DJ Khaled is millenials "messiah" in our FYI Youth series
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          It’s 18:00 in and we’re helping a prestigious phone manufacturer shape their digital communication strategy
            It’s 15:00 in and we’re reporting back from the Jaipur Literature Festival on journalist Mei Fong and North Korean defector Hyeonseo Lee’s experiences in China
              It’s 18:00 in and we’re thinking about the future of travel in Asia
                It’s 07:00 in and we’re speculating on the biggest tech trends of 2017
                  It’s 10:00 in and we are super excited to be hosting our 2017 Cultural Futures trend briefing on Feb 28th at TATE Modern. Tickets here
                    It’s 20:00 in and we’re using Digital Forensics to explore hair colouring preferences among Indonesian women
                      It’s 20:00 in and we’re thinking about how to make a fast food brand more healthy