Right Now

It’s 16:00 in and we’re editing a film about how young women in USA and Mexico engage with nature
    It's 08:00 in and we’re talking to a leading Internet artist to understand how different online environments impact the arts and media
      It’s 15:00 in and we're thinking about health and innovation within the food and drink category
        It’s 11:00 in and we’re planning our event on the Recession in Brazil. Learn more over on our news page
          It’s 19:00 in and we’re dipping our fingers into shampoo bottles and thinking about the meaning of cleanliness.
            It’s 15:00 in and we’re talking to women to understand how sex is evolving in Indian advertising
              It's 10:00 in and we’re preparing for a workshop about the effect of the economic downturn on the skincare category in Thailand and Indonesia
                It’s 12:00 in and our semiotics team is exploring the sexy side of cat food advertising
                  It’s 12:00 in and we’re debating the role of spaces and environments for a cultural intelligence project about hygiene in Brazil
                    It’s 18:00 in and we’re contrasting Google and Baidu search results to see how our technology reflects our different cultural environments
                      It’s 10:00 in and we are pitching for a game changer in the entertainment industry.
                        It’s 13:00 or snack time in and we’re introducing our favorite British chocolates to families via a positioning rooted in play and entertainment
                          It's 06:00 in and we're reading about what will become of brands in a post-capitalist era