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            02 / 03 / 17

            #Jibun-migaki is the Japanese millennial definition of beauty

            • The Instagram craze of posting about yourself, your routine, and your food has taken off across the globe and Japan is no exception. Japanese millennials are sharing online what they’ve eaten or how much fun they’re having with friends – sometimes mixing more than 30 hashtags together, both in English and Japanese, to gain more popularity on their social platforms.

              Increasingly, millennial women in Japan are using #Jibun-migaki (#自分磨き) to embellish their posts. Literally translated as ‘self-polishing’, #Jibun-migaki has gone viral. There are already over 100,000 posts on Instagram relating to a number of diverse occasions, all in the pursuit of beauty. But their definition of beauty is broad, for the posts tagged with #Jibun-migaki vary from images featuring weight loss progress, to studying English in a café, or getting your nails done at a salon.

              If we dive into each post to look closely at the signification of this hashtag, we can see that there are two dimensions that explain Japanese millennials' approach to beauty. It is clear that #Jibun-migaki puts emphasis and importance on the journey towards beauty, rather than the end results. Japanese beauty, according to #Jibun-migaki, is also something that comes from both inside and out, from both visible and invisible marks of self-development.

              The importance of the journey towards a beauty goal is a dominant theme we’re seeing across the category globally, and something more and more brands are responding to. It’s all about the process, the development, with less emphasis placed on the end results.

              What’s different about the hashtag #Jibun-migaki is that it takes this one step further – it helps connect people who are making the same effort in becoming who they want to be. It’s building a community to support, encourage and inspire others who pursue their beauty ideal.

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              • Article by Naoko Okada