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            18 / 01 / 17

            Flamingo Cultural Futures report names 2017 “the Year of Reaction”

            • Late last year people from across the Flamingo group, and our global network of makers and thinkers, came together to share ideas on where culture is taking us next.

              If 2016 was the Year of Polarity, 2017 will be the Year of Reaction.

              In our 2017 report we identify the global drivers and key macro trends that are set to affect culture in the coming year.

              We will continue the project of betterment seeking to ameliorate within a world of conflict. Beyond wellness this is holistic improvement; internally and externally.

              We will clarify our belief systems and re-group around them to ensure we stay congruent and true to those in all that we do.

              And finally we will need to disorientate: to lose control and defragment, as both a form of catharsis, and, as a way to hone a crucial skill – the ability to thrive in chaos.

              In the report we put these macro trends through six filters: Identity, Networks, Work, Spaces, Body & Mind and Play to reveal their cultural manifestations. We highlight emergent phenomena such as closed groups and the ‘nu exclusivity’ online; what a normcore career looks like; and why 2017 will be ‘The Year of the Man’. And crucially we share our thoughts on how brands can capitalize on this momentum.

              We will be launching this report at an exclusive event. For more information on the report and to register your interest click here.

              • Article by Helen Job