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            07 / 11 / 16

            “I want to look younger at 35 than 25.” Are Indians’ health goals unrealistic?

            • At Flamingo Mumbai, we created a film examining urban Indians’ attitudes to health. This film brings to life a palpable difference between the lifestyles that the older generation led when they were young and the lifestyles of today’s youth, which goes a long way in explaining the health issues young people are facing.

              For health brands operating in india, three clear implications arose from our investigation :

              • Younger generations today struggle to take time out from their hectic work days to look after their health, and brands can harness this opportunity by finding ways to help consumers map their health habits and goals without interrupting their days. Minimising the time and effort required to monitor their health, or giving timely reminders to keep on track can go a long way in easing some of young people’s health anxities.
              • “I want to look younger at 35 than 25”, one interviewee said, and many youth today believe that they will become fitter as they get older. They see no paradox in this ambition, though they surely need help in achieving their goals. For health brands, this implies that the idea of ‘prevention’ and consumers opting for preventive meaures is only going to get stronger in the coming future.
              • The power of choice comes through strongly in the advice that the older generation gives the youth to deal with its health issues. Playing up the benefits of making the right choices for your health can help brands influence consumers to make more conscious buying decisions and become more discerning of the products they consume.
              • Article by Mithila Joshi, Senior Documentarist and Tehmina Sabuwala, Junior Documentarist