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        It’s 10:00 in and we’re super excited to have won another award for our ‘How people Buy’ study with Newsworks at the 2017 Mediatel awards
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            It’s 15:00 in and we're delighted to have picked up the AURA award for ‘Best Communication’

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                It’s 5:00 in and we are trying to understand how to seamlessly integrate technology in Indian homes
                  It’s 07:00 in and we are trying to understand how to seamlessly integrate technology in Indian homes
                    24 / 02 / 17

                    'How People Buy' wins gold and takes the Grand Prix at the 2017 Mediatel Awards

                    • We're delighted to announce that our client Newsworks led the 2017 Media Research Awards hosted by Mediatel, as they took home the Grand Prix prize along with Gold in the Best Custom Media Research category, for our joint 'How People Buy' research project. Newsworks also picked up the award for Trade Body of the Year.

                      "For the second year running, the top prize is taken by the news media following News UK's success in 2016," said judge David Brennan, founder of Media Native. This demonstrates that, when the pressure is on, relevant, contextual, innovative insight can help drive the narrative and, most importantly, influence the bottom line." (Mediatel, 2017)

                      The study was conducted in partnership with Flamingo and our quantitative partner Tapestry and explored the consumer decision journey, with a focus on the roles of different media channels along the path to purchase. The results led to the development of an interactive tool to help media planners choose the right channels to move people along the purchase journey and ultimately drive sales. You can find further information about the study with the key findings and research highlights on the Newsworks website here.

                      This research has won many industry awards since 2016, including Gold for Trade Body Research at the Media Week Awards last October.