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            05 / 05 / 16

            ‘Guilty Pleasures’ documentary screening at Flamingo Shanghai on May 18

            • The definition of luxury has become muddled. It applies not only to diamonds and gold but also time, space and even solitude. There are affordable luxuries, like decadent cookies and fancy toilet paper. Applied so broadly, what does luxury even mean?

              The two-hour BBC documentary Guilty Pleasures: Luxury in the Ancient and Medieval Worldslooks at how past ideas of luxury influence our present thinking, including the way Macedonian Kings declared their power through extravagance, how Sparta disavowed luxuries to their detriment, and how the Christian church described greed and pride as deadly sins while building glorious cathedrals.

              The screening is scheduled for 7pm on Wednesday, May 18th (doors open at 6.30pm) at the Flamingo Shanghai offices, 7F, Building 11, 207 Mengzi Road (between Xietu Road and Liyuan Road). The nearest metro is Madang Lu (Lines 9 and 13).

              RSVP to bonnie.wang@flamingogroup.com to secure a seat, and like us on Facebook or follow us on WeChat (ID: FlamingoSH) in exchange for free beer.

              • Article by Bonnie Wang