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            02 / 08 / 16

            Flamingo will uncover the triggers of desire at OMD Predicts in September

            • Flamingo Group Strategy Director Jackie Hughes will join industry experts in Dubai this September for OMD Predicts, the annual conference hosted by global media agency Optimum Media Direction.

              OMD Predicts is attended by over 250 delegates from branding, advertising, marketing and media to bring together international best practice and thought leadership. It helps marketers and media professionals stay abreast of the emerging trends impacting their operations to future-proof their strategies.

              As the practice of marketing develops, notably through the influence of digital technologies, we are breaking away from past techniques and thinking to transform our approach to brand communications.

              This year's OMD Predicts will uncover the factors that trigger desire and discuss how brands can adapt their strategies to evolving consumer psychology. The event will also examine the role of the on-demand economy and the effective use of data to build predictive models for demand planning and forecasting.

              Jackie will be uncovering consumer insights to develop and refine brand positioning. She will explain how to stimulate desire through consumer psychology and behavioural economics, and how to build habit-forming products.

              The event takes place on Wednesday September 7 in Dubai. For more information, please get in touch.

              Article by Simone Williams