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It’s 16:00 in and we're talking to to property managers and owners about their relationship with online travel agents
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It’s 13:00 in and we are in Bogotá visiting people in their homes to understand how falling sick with cold and flu impacts their lives
    It’s 09:00 in and we're examining women's attitudes towards skincare
      It’s 06:00 in and we're decoding selfie culture
        It’s 08:00 in and we're exploring the role of VR on mobile phones
          It’s 15:00 in and we’re in Milan exploring feelings about pasta made with non-traditional types of flour
            01 / 03 / 12

            Flamingo Superbowl!

            • Flamingo APAC got their bowling shoes on last night, at Marina Square Bowling Alley with a bit of healthy, fun competition. None of us being expert at the sport – it was more fun seeing who could AVOID gutter balls, but there were a few well-deserved strikes! A lot of laughs!