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            11 / 08 / 16

            Flamingo São Paulo hosts ‘Arenas: Sport Cultures and Branding’ on August 15

            • To mark the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Flamingo São Paulo will receive guests at the Museu do Futebol (Football Museum) in Pacaembú Stadium for a conversation and exploration of the cultures of sport.

              Sport plays a hugely significant role in our lives – socially, politically, economically and symbolically. But sports are deeply nuanced in the ways they’re designed, played, and viewed.

              • What do different sports say about our culture, our societies, and the epoch in which we live?
              • How do sports create culture?
              • And what does it mean to create brand value through sports marketing?

              To explore these questions, Flamingo São Paulo invited Brazil’s most famous and preeminent anthropologist, Roberto DaMatta, to speak on the subject. Our semiotics team have also produced take-away provocations, to stimulate guests to think further, and showcase the power of semiotic analysis to understand the role of brands in culture.

              A private guided visit of the museum will happen before DaMatta’s talk. Food, drinks and good music will be provided throughout.

              Arenas: Sport Cultures and Branding will take place Monday, August 15, 6–10pm at Museu do Futebol, São Paulo