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            17 / 03 / 16

            Flamingo partners with Unilever to tackle global climate challenges

            • Paragon partnerships

            • We're delighted to partner with long-standing clients Unilever and a host of industry partners for announce the creation of Paragon, an open platform that marshals market research forces to address key global development and sustainability challenges.

              With the United Nations Global Goals agreed and in motion, industry, governments and individuals all have parts to play in contributing to the 17 point plan which aims to end poverty, combat climate change and fight injustice and inequality.

              With no single body or organisation able to find a solution to these challenges, Paragon has been created as a resource where research bodies and industry can share ideas, data, and insights to address them.

              Launching in April-May this year, the vision for Paragon is to generate and provide access to quality insights on the issues that the world is facing to help governments, academics and NGOs around the world. All insights hosted on the site will be linked to the Global Goals for Sustainable Development and will be available for Paragon partners to formulate fact-based programmes.

              Partners that have signed up for launch include: PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, Kantar, Nielsen, Metrixlab, GfK, Save The Children, The Market Research Society (MRS), Esomar, Sapient Nitro and Flamingo.

              Yesterday Stan Sthanunathan, Senior Vice President, Consumer & Market Insights at Unilever, spoke at the MRS Impact Conference that took place in London.

              "In a rapidly-changing world, we cannot operate in silos,” he said. "The past year has set the precedent with highly ambitious goals and frameworks created to address the global sustainability and development challenges that we all face.

              “It is time to accelerate efforts to move towards achieving these goals, and Paragon will allow us to share learning, data and insight, and encourage other businesses and industries to address these critical challenges affecting us all. By building a network of partners and working together, we can look for solutions which have greater scale and impact globally to address development and societal challenges.”

              To find out more about this fantastic initiative please visit Paragon.

              Click to read the full press release on the Unilever website, and coverage of the announcement from 4-traders.com.