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            17 / 09 / 14

            Flamingo Global Expo 2014

            • This September Flamingo Group is holding an inaugural Exposition in Istanbul under the theme of Intersections – a meeting of people and disciplines at the definitive crossroads between East and West. The objective of Expo is to celebrate and elevate the company’s thinking and culture – with a view to inspiring and generating future initiatives across the Group. 200+ staff drawn from 7 geographies (London, Mumbai, New York, São Paulo, Shanghai, Singapore and Tokyo – and including the team from Kiosk, Flamingo Group’s mobile first agency) will come together in Istanbul, a perfect geographical locus for the event; a place of innovative flux, cultural transformation and celebrative diversity.

               “The success of this event will be judged in terms of people actively setting up initiatives across all levels of the company and across all our geographical hubs.  It is about generating content and understanding relevant to the intersection between business, brands and culture.  The startpoint is cohesion and unison but what follows should be cascading and multiple.”

              Flamingo Group Co-CEO and Co-Founder, Kirsty Fuller

              The venue for the Expo main event is SALT – a cultural centre and art gallery space on the site of the former Ottoman Bank.  The venue was chosen to reflect the values underpinning Flamingo’s success – never static, always innovating but fundamentally powered by cultural understanding and strategic nous.

              Besides external speakers, panels and discussions there will be an exhibition floor featuring work and initiatives across our Group which intersect with the themes of the Expo:

              – Cultural {intersections}: exploring how the cultural lens can lead to growth for Flamingo and our clients.
              – Geographic {intersections}: exploring opportunities arising from working all around the world, all the time
              – Narrative {intersections}: exploring evolving modes of strategic storytelling
              – Commercial {intersections}: exploring the continued evolution of our offering and the business of brands

              “We want everyone within the company to feel proud and excited about our work and culture and for all of our conversations with clients to be infused with fresh enthusiasm, vision and inspiration.  We see this event not only as enjoyable and enriching for the team, but an important way of ensuring that we continue to challenge our thinking and broaden our horizons as a business.”

              Flamingo Group Co-CEO and Co-Founder, Maggie Collier

              The content and discussions of the Expo will feature across Flamingo Blogs and social feeds both during and after the event.

              Flamingo group website: www.flamingogroup.com

              twitter / instagram: #flamingoexpo

              If you’re a client or media and would like to know more about this event, please contactintersections@flamingogroup.com