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            28 / 03 / 17

            Flamingo film ‘Food for Thought: Brazil’ highlights local food culture

            • Brazilian food culture is booming and people are becoming more curious, adventurous and savvier than ever before. Food for Thought: Brazil is a short Flamingo film that explores three key themes ­– Origins, Mind-set and Identity to highlight what’s important to the nation’s consumers today when it comes to the food and drink they choose, both at home and out-and-about.

              The Origins theme speaks to a growing fascination with where food comes from, whether it’s about wanting reassurance, satisfying feelings of curiosity or even nostalgia. Mind-set celebrates a new openness to exotic ingredients and flavours, a readiness to step beyond traditional Brazilian dishes to integrate new tastes and textures from other cultures. In Identity, we take a look at the brand Arapuru, the first Brazilian London Dry Gin, which has successfully rooted its positioning in an authentic, differentiated iteration of Brazilian identity. Food and drink is only the beginning, with leading beauty and fashion brands such as L’Occitane and Adidas Originals also celebrating national influences and designs.

              For brands looking to appeal to the contemporary Brazilian consumer, an international or “importado” (“imported”) feel no longer packs as much of a punch. Especially in food, Brazilians are placing increasing value on brands that move beyond clichés, celebrating the country’s rich natural resources and culinary heritage. The challenge for international brands, is to balance local and global angles to create something that’s on-brand but full of local nuance.

              Watch the video for the full story.

              Article by Emily Sheen