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            19 / 06 / 17

            Flamingo appoints Andy Davidson for agency first CSO role

            • Andy Davidson

            • Flamingo are delighted to have appointed their first Chief Strategy Officer, former Managing Director Andy Davidson.

              In this newly created role, Andy will lead the strategic development of Flamingo’s future offer to ensure their work continues to deliver great cultural and commercial impact for their clients.

              Andy said “I have been working in strategic insight for 17 years and this feels like the most exciting time I can remember in the industry – and at Flamingo. One of the things I'm most excited about is developing our capability for interdisciplinary thinking. New data sources are emerging all the time and there's a real need to merge the deep cultural and people insight we are famous for with clients' primary behavioural data and new forms of social and digital data emerging from Flamingo’s Digital Forensics team."

              Desirée Lopez, Flamingo CEO said: “Andy is the ideal person to lead our strategic offer. His ability to focus on creative strategic business solutions for our clients is part of what makes Andy such an asset to our business. He moves into this new role with outstanding experience and passion for pioneering innovative approaches to grow our evolving business. I am delighted with his appointment and look forward to working together.”

              Andy joined Flamingo in 2013 after he created the London office of US strategy agency The Sound. Prior to that Andy was at MTV Networks International as VP of Insight and Strategy.