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It’s 16:00 in and we’re exploring the future of messaging app SNOW and other technology people like to play with in China
    It's 11:00 in and we are in people’s homes looking through their most valued crockery to understand the aesthetic codes of premium hosting culture
      It’s 08:00 in and we're thinking about what anti-aging and accepting their age means to Japanese women
        It's 06:00 in and we're photographing Hong Kong’s Yen Chow Hawker Bazaar to reflect on how radically the fashion industry has changed
          It’s 13:00 in and we're working on a short film shot during our most recent event Arenas: sport cultures and branding
            It’s 06:00 in and we are wondering why "cash is king" for travellers
              It's 12:00 in and our Cultural Intelligence team are getting into the thick of their cultural landscaping looking at wearable technology for a leading sportswear brand
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              It’s 12:00 in and we're thinking about health and innovation in the food and drink category
                It’s 12:00 in and we’re examining the reconceptualisation of the body in India as part of a global project on health & wellness
                  It's 15:00 in and we are trying to understand what moves Jakartans for a major transport and taxi provider
                    It’s 12:00 in and we’re mulling over cultural reasons for Pokémon GO!’s blockbuster success
                      It’s 06:00 in and we’re talking about destination branding inspired by Brazil's two weeks hosting the Olympics
                        It’s 12:00 in and we're exploring the different roles of flavour in the beverage category.
                          It’s 11:00 or snack time in and we’re introducing our favorite British chocolates to families via a positioning rooted in play and entertainment
                            It's 15:00 in and the semiotics team is working on a Innovation project for the US, studying the landscape of indulgence in American culture
                              It's 13:00 in and we are thinking about big trends in popular culture that are impacting the way people socialise and drink.
                                23 / 03 / 10

                                Through The Lens: Expo Images

                                • The Boston Globe Big Picture often curates spectacular images – here are some of the highlights from their recent collection on the development of the Expo site. Some incredible pictures demonstrating the magnitude of scale in constructing the pavilions.

                                • Chinese Pavilion seen from the Expo Boulevard in January.

                                • Debris from the demolishing of old buildings to make way for the new.

                                • A worker cleans ‘Sunny Valley’ – a structure designed to harness solar power.

                                • A worker walks on solar panels on the Theme pavilion. A classic ‘micro/macro’ shot that so often defines striking imagery of China’s tremendous scale. See our article on Solar Sponsorship for more about solar power in China.

                                • A view of ‘The Trumpet’ – designed to capture the sun’s rays to light up the galleries and catch rain water to hydrate the green areas.

                                  You can see the full set of images in their original context here.