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It’s 20:00 in and we're talking to to property managers and owners about their relationship with online travel agents
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It’s 10:00 in and we are in Bogotá visiting people in their homes to understand how falling sick with cold and flu impacts their lives
    It’s 15:00 in and we're examining women's attitudes towards skincare
      It’s 10:00 in and we're decoding selfie culture
        It’s 11:00 in and we're exploring the role of VR on mobile phones
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            29 / 04 / 16

            Eight emerging culture shifts from South by Southwest 2016

            • In our latest quarterly briefing, Flamingo Cultural Intelligence reports back from Austin’s South by Southwest festival. From the panels featured to the products mentioned, we’ve been tracking the ideas and chitchat surrounding the event. Here we share the most exciting of those conversations as understood through the Cultural Lens.

              The Cultural Lens's eight segments: Body and Mind; Digital; Networks, Relationships and Families; Gender; Environment and Spaces; Play and Entertainment; Food and Drink; and Work and Money represent eight universal and foundational dimensions to society and culture across geographies and demographics. They help us track the changing collective experience and think about what it all might mean for brands.

              In this edition, we discuss:

              • Decluttering – the new mindfulness
              • Sugar – what is it good for?
              • What’s next for wearables?
              • Chubbies Shorts gender provocation
              • Voice messaging hits tipping point
              • Hate-proof design
              • Level Money visualizes finances in a post cash society
              • Oculus Rift is available now. Are we ready?

              You can read the full briefing here.

              Cultural Intelligence also runs regular lunchtime briefings at Flamingo's Southbank offices to chat more about the cultural shifts behind the stories in each issue. Email culturalintelligence@flamingogroup.com if you'd like to come along.

              • Article by Miriam Rayman