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            20 / 09 / 16

            See the semiotics-powered poster Flamingo created for ad agency Mother

            • This year, we were approached by world-renowned creative agency Mother with a fantastic opportunity to create a poster that would sit in the foyer of their London office, with all of the proceeds going to Save the Children.

              We decided to use this opportunity to demonstrate our unique offering and the power of Flamingo Semiotics, by exploring how Mother's office space shapes their employees' thinking.

              One of our Semioticians, Simi Freund, set aspects of the furniture and interior design into the context of broader movements within design and visual culture. He looked and found patterns within the various elements on display in the reception space and speculated on what the objects in that space might suggest about Mother as a brand.

              You can view the poster below.

              To find out more about Flamingo and our Semiotics team, get in touch with us here.

              Article by Simone Williams and Simi Freund