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It’s 13:00 in and we're talking to to property managers and owners about their relationship with online travel agents
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It’s 09:00 in and we are in Bogotá visiting people in their homes to understand how falling sick with cold and flu impacts their lives
    It’s 09:00 in and we're examining women's attitudes towards skincare
      It’s 14:00 in and we're decoding selfie culture
        It’s 12:00 in and we're exploring the role of VR on mobile phones
          It’s 08:00 in and we’re in Milan exploring feelings about pasta made with non-traditional types of flour
            27 / 02 / 12

            Charles Leadbeater @ Flamingo Big Ideas Breakfast

            • This Wednesday will see the latest instalment of the Flamingo Big Ideas Breakfast at Home House.  The event is all about the new language of consumerism – a look at the changing values of consumerism, and what it means for how brands and businesses should engage their customers and members.

              If you can’t make the event, but are interested in watching over your morning coffee and bowl of All-Bran, the event will be streamed here.

              You can also follow and join in the conversation on twitter – #FBIB

              Charles’s talk will be looking at Britain’s contemporary brand-scape and how we have ended up in a place, or are in danger of a becoming a place defined by a loss of structured hope. However, rather than dwell on the negative, Charles looks at how we can engender a system of empathy – building places, organisations and brands with a richer world to offer.

              Following on from Charles, will be Jackie Hughes, our Group Strategy director, who will be further emphasising that there are reasons to be cheerful. At the heart of Jackie’s message is that people, as they look negotiate the tension between needs, desires and ambitions with a new economic reality, are creating a new set of values. A set of values that they are turning towards more self-actualizing principles where self still comes first but in a relational context. The question, as is often the case, is what does this mean for brands?