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            17 / 04 / 13

            A New Direction For Chinese Fashion

            • A new style of Chinese fashion has been creeping into trend the past year. It is a minimalist style that is very on trend internationally at the moment. Chinese minimalism that is inspired by Taoist philosophies of duality, harmony and interdependency. The Tao is both simple and complex. It is complex when we try to understand it, and simple when we allow ourselves to experience it.” Tao Te Ching , (as translated by Stanley Rosenthal).

              There is a handful of internationally known emerging designers who champion this new Chinese minimalism, most of whom have studied fashion in the West. It seems as if their exposure and understanding to both Chinese and Western culture cause a strong emotional duality and need for harmony, which is expressed quite distinctly in their designs. The soul of each collection reveals a constant juxtaposition between hard and soft, feminine and masculine, Western modern sensibility fused with classic eastern philosophy. They focus on quality craftsmanship, the purity and timelessness of design, usually translating their designs into sculptural pieces that highlight form and are profound in concept.

              Could Chinese Minimalism emerge as a leading timeless Chinese fashion identity and elevate Chinese fashion into the high-end international fashion market?

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            • Examples of minimalism within Chinese design:

              1. Qiu Hao 2. Simon Gao 3. Masha Ma 4. Yang Li 5. Yi Fang 6. Ricostru 7. Uma Wang 8. Decoster Concept

              Article by Grace Yow